The Highway Counselling Practise

What is Counselling and how can it help me?

What happens when I come for counselling?

We will talk with you at your initial session for up to one hour.  Sometimes, this is enough to help you decide what you want to do and we may discover that you do not need or want any further therapy.


We will talk about how we might be able to work together. If we don't feel that we are in the best place to help you, then we may suggest another organisation.

What is Counselling?

In counselling, we are working together to think through an issue or work through a problem.


We are highly trained and can help people to understand themselves more fully; to relate better to others, to give you the means to work things out for yourself and make your decisions about the way forward for you.


We will help you to talk openly and honestly about the things that matter to you


Our Counsellors will always work at your pace and never to a timetable.

How often will I see you?

Sessions are usually once a week and for up to an hour. We will continue to see you for as long as you and your therapist think that it is helpful.

Do your Counsellors have special training?

We have all received specialist training in Relationship and Family Therapy up to Masters Degree level as well as attending Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses on a wide range of topics, including Young Person Counselling (organised by Youth Access), Working with Loss, Mental Health Services and Couple affairs, to name but a few.


We have all been in practise for a minimum of four years and ensure that we receive close professional support at all times.

Do you comply with any recognised standards?

The Highway Practise works to the relevant and exacting ethical and good practise standards of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Is what is said confidential?

Our strict adherence to the BACP framework means that we will not discuss details of any Counselling sessions without the express written and verbal permission of the Client.


Exceptions to the above:


Telephone: 07548 165288


  • Where there is risk of harm to yourself or others.
  • Where there is an overwhelming and compelling Legal Obligation to do so.