The Highway Counselling Practise


Our Fee Structure

There is a single flat rate fee for your first session with us. After all, you do not know us and we do not know you!  Sometimes, a single session is enough to help you decide what you want to do and you may feel that this single session is enough to set you on the right path for you.


Your Initial Session is paid for at the time of Booking.



  • Initial Session                                     £100.00p

How do I pay you?

We accept all major Credit/Debit cards (with the exception of American Express and Diners card), by personal cheque or in cash. By prior arrangement, we are happy to proceed on the basis of a Company Purchase Order or Authorisation from an accredited Healthcare organisation.

Payment and Cancellation policy

All Fees quoted are per session and each session is one Therapeutic Hour. You may be with the Counsellor for a little less than one hour (typically, say 50-55 minutes) as the remainder will be used by the Counsellor for the vital task of considering the progress of the session and writing up their notes.


We do require all Fees to be paid or authorised in advance.


An individual  Session or Programme which is booked but not kept or which is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice is deemed to have been completed and no refund can be considered.  We may, at our discretion and in exceptional circumstances, allow the individual Session or Programme to be re-booked within one week and strictly subject to availability.

  • Individual Counselling                         £190.00 per Programme

    For Individual Counselling each Programme is a further two sessions.


  • Relationship Counselling                      £270.00 per Programme

     For Relationship Counselling each Programme is a further three sessions


  • Family Counselling                              £270.00 per Programme

    For Family Counselling each Programme is a further three sessions


During the initial session, your Counsellor and you will have developed a Counselling Programme suited to your needs. This will generally involve a number of further sessions with your Counsellor and we ask that your Counselling Programme is booked and paid for at the conclusion of your initial session.


Each Counselling Programme is an agreed number of further sessions with your Counsellor at the end of which both you and your Counsellor will review in depth your current situation and you can decide at that point that you are where you want to be or that additional sessions would be beneficial.




You may feel that a Counselling Programme  is not right for you and you would prefer a looser, more ad hoc approach.  We can offer an Ad Hoc Counselling service for existing Clients which is charged at the Initial Session rate and is strictly subject to availability.


Telephone: 07548 165288