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Counselling via WebCam with

Why use Counselling via WebCam?

Making time for important personal things in our busy working week is never going to be easy.


I have found that as an experienced relationship therapist that my clients sometimes find it hard to me able to commit to come to my counselling centres every week. It may mean that they will have to leave work early or go in late...  they may have to find a baby sitter or just simply find the energy to come and see me.  Counselling sessions using a private and secure web cam link provides a simple, effective, safe and elegant solution.


Using webcam counselling allows you to feel as though we are in the same room together and this allows us to make a strong connection between us, which is so important in creating a reliable and safe place for our work together. The fact that we can see and hear each other provides a way of sharing our expressions and our body language - our posture, our facial expressions and gestures which can be so vital in telling the whole story.




  • We can talk to and see each other without needing to be physically in the same room
  • It's a new and very flexible way to look at counselling
  • Sessions can be in an environment which is safe and comfortable for you
  • You can use the service alone or with your partner
  • All you need is a Tablet, PC or Laptop with a webcam and access to Skype


In short, because it's secure and trusted. 


The video and audio streams are encrypted which means that it provides a completely confidential, safe and secure environment for our work together.


Telephone: 07548 165288


When you call for an appointment on 07448 165288 or e-mail , please make sure that you find a time where you will not be disturbed and there will be no disruptions to break the flow of our sessions.  All sessions will last about 50 minutes but please allow an hour in case of any technical issues.


All sessions will be at a flat fee of £80.00 and payment should be made before your session. 

Not got Skype?



It's easy to download at