The Highway Counselling Practise


Welcome to the Highway Counselling Practise

The decision to seek guidance, help, assistance, input - whatever we choose to call it - from a Counsellor is never an easy thing to do.


But you've made it this far and that's a huge step.


I'm not going to say that Counselling with us will solve all your problems at  a stroke. It won't. It can't. And don't believe anyone that tells you it can.


What Counselling can do is help you make sense of where you are and what you're feeling and experiencing.


Together, we can explore those feelings, understand them and make sense of them. Together, we can begin to journey through the confusion, the anguish and the anxiety that you may feel surrounds you utterly. Together, we can make sure that the way ahead down Life's highway is clearer and less uncertain, less threatening.


We know that a fancy website is not going to persuade you that we can help. Real words, from real people just might.


"I am able to see my issues in a different light thanks to your help"                                               ( Individual)


"I thought I was going to have nothing to say but I found having you there helped us to talk"          (Couple)


"Although we are now divorced being able to talk together with you meant that it was easier for the children"                                                                                                                                                  (Family)


"Thank you, I don't know whether I'm glad to leave Counselling or not"                                          (Individual)




Clare Francis

When can Counselling help?

Most people at some stage in therir lives experience distressing thoughts or feelings.  Sometimes they are caused by life events; sometimes it feels as though you've always had the same issue.


A Therapist may be able to help you explore those thoughts or feelings in a safe, non judgmental way.


Telephone: 07548 165288